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MSR Therapy Dogs

The most joyous post Mississauga Student Residence has thus far, today we are talking about Therapy Dogs!

This weeks post will walk you through the main benefits of Therapy Dogs for individuals under stress (AKA Students 24/7) and a brief introduction to a brand new service MSR now offers its' students.

The Benefits

Cognitive Benefits

Seriously, is there anything dogs can't do for us? Studies have proven therapy dogs can help stimulate memory and problem-solving skills. Making them the perfect pre-exam partner. (Therapy Dogs, 2017)

Emotional and Mental Health Benefits

I mean-kinda a no brainer, right? We all know the feeling of pure bliss that rushes over us when a fluffy friend is nearby. Turns out, its not just us, numerous studies have proved Therapy Dogs to be a valuable asset to stressful classroom environments. Our furry friends promote an uplifting and positive environment. This is even true with students who have an anxiety disorder. (Therapy Dogs, 2017) We all can benefit from some stress-relieving loving.

If emotional and mental health benefits interest you the most, we encourage you to do some more research on this topic. If dogs are not your thing, please, do not be afraid to reach out. There are so many people and services available at UTM and Sheridan in place to assist students during difficult times. Not to mention, your MSR family is always here. Please give us a call, and we will be there!

Physical Benefits

Not only do they improve our state of mental health and well-being, but also therapy dogs have impressive benefits towards our physical health. Being around warm and friendly dogs has shown to aid pain management, provide physical stimulation and even reduce your blood pressure! (Therapy Dogs, 2017)

Social Benefits

Therapy dogs can establish a sense of community. You can see other people that gravitate towards the dogs and already know you have something in common with those individuals. This will promote focused interaction with your peers and teachers around. In-turn this common ground can stimulate confidence and self-esteem. (Therapy Dogs, 2017)

About the Dogs

As mentioned above, MSR now offers its students therapy dog sessions! These appointments can be booked using our email and are based on availability (busy pups, right?). We encourage you to communicate with your roommates about this. If the entire residence love dogs, why not have a group session with them? Our therapy dog sessions are completely custom and our staff will work with you to determine your best possible options. Enough chatter, lets get into the good stuff.

Abby our Beautiful Shih Tzu

Abby is a lover. She might be tiny in size, but she is big on personality. Abby is an affectionate, happy, sweet-tempered companion who wants nothing more than to be your best friend. Abby loves to follow you from room to room. There is nothing more soothing to the soul than cuddling up to this one! I mean, come on-look at her!

Abby’s personality is enormously appealing, she simply doesn't allow you to ignore her. She was bred to be a friendly companion — She loves to meet and greet students and strangers alike. Count on Abby to make friends wherever she goes. She is one of the friendliest pups we’ve ever met. Abby enjoys playing, going for walks and snuggling up on the couch. You will love her! She is 100% hypoallergenic, with all her vaccinations up-to-date and is groomed regularly.

Jackson the Adorable Beagle

Abby’s big brother is a warm-hearted Beagle. Jackson is very friendly, loves to meet new people and go on adventures. This pup is loving and gentle and makes a great Netflix and Chill companion. Perfect for some stress-relieving loving. Jackson loves to go on walks and is an excellent companion who is always eager to please.

While some dogs, like Abby were bred as companions, Beagles were bred as hunters. Their job is to follow scents and Jackson is not picky on the scents he follows. Jackson lived on on a University campus for two years so he is used to University life His prey is mostly pizza, popcorn, treats or any unattended food the students have left behind, so be careful, Jackson is quick!! He is groomed regularly and has the most up-to-date vaccines. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the newest service being offered by Mississauga Student Residences!

-Note: The Benefits information was adapted from, 2017-

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