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De-Stress During Exams

Hi Guys, Mississauga Student Residence back with another helpful post for you.

Unfortunately, April is approaching, and we all know what that means. And if you don't, a little heads up: This is the time of year where absolutely every final, every assignment and every presentation is due in all of your classes. The time of year where you not only have to finish all of these assignments, but study for exams simultaneously. We all know the symptoms, no sleep, constantly on edge, and having a better relationship with the Starbucks barista in the UTM library, than with your own family.

But we are here to help!

Our team at Mississauga Student Residences has put together a list of our top 5 “De-Stress” strategies we use during this crazy time of year. Comment below with some of your favorite de-stress activities, and how you keep on top of the workload, we would love to hear them!

1. Take a Break!

This is number 1, because it is arguably the most important thing to remember! DO NOT, and we repeat DO NOT make yourself feel guilty for taking a little time out of your day or week for yourself. You can memorize every sheet of paper you have on Charles Darwin and Natural Selection, but going into that exam, or starting to write that research report with no energy or motivation, could likely result in a poor grade. So please, take it from us and pace yourselves. Whatever it is you like doing, maybe a quick 25 min yoga session with your friends, a nature hike around campus or going out for dinner and not completely hating yourself for it. Do that. In conjunction with a solid study routine and effective sleeping habits, we have the utmost faith in you! (See our “5 Study Tips for Finals”)

2. Treat yo’ Self

I am talking about a hot bubble bath, with lavender essential oils and some good music in the background-Treat yo’ Self. Or whatever it is that makes you feel like a million bucks, I want you to do that. If bubble baths aren’t your thing, or your current set-up doesn't allow for them, try taking a hot shower at night. The warm water is a perfect way to soothe those tense muscles (especially around your neck and shoulder area) after a long day of studying. If you want to get fancy, you can hang some dried lavender or eucalyptus on your shower head and let the steam from the water release those beautiful, de-stressing scents. Bonus: you will get huge roommate points from whoever uses the shower next. Ultimately, do something that will make you feel great, if that is going for a 5K run, or painting your nails then that is what you need to do to balance out the dreadful season.

3. Take advantage of school programs

All post-secondary institutions will have something similar, but I’ll be specifically referencing UTM’s Exam Jam. I know it seems like a waste of time that you would rather have towards studying, but they happen every year for a reason! It is a great opportunity to take some time and chat with your profs (most of them) in a more casual Q/A environment. Who knows, they may even spill some exam secrets (shhh). And there are usually great snacks, and our beloved beverages (coffee, tea, juice), along with therapy dogs. Yes you read that right, UTM brings beautiful therapy dogs to the library every year to help students cope with stress. (We have some exciting news coming up on this topic, stay tuned!). And let me tell you, if petting a soft, gorgeous and happy puppy does not make you forget about all of your worries, we need to talk. I mean look at them...

Please note: the breed and variety of therapy dogs differ year to year.

4. Sleep

We have referenced this before many times, specifically in our post “5 Study Tips for Finals” and it’s not because we have no more ideas or are trying to be annoying, it’s because we really mean it! Sleep deprivation can, and most likely will, affect your mood, efficiency levels, reaction time (not great during timed exams, in class essays, or general day-today living) and ability to retain information. So sleep people! Don't let all that hard studying go to waste.

5. Eat Healthy

Certain foods high in sugar seem tempting when your trying to cram in your last chapter of the night, but try to avoid that as much as possible. A pack of skittles will definitely help you stay awake but once that crash of your sugar levels happen, you can say bye-bye to all that information. Sticking to balanced diet during your exam time will keep your body and blood sugar levels stabilised, leaving you more adept in information retention.

Most of all, pace yourselves, and remember your health comes first! We are here if you ever need advice, so feel free to reach out!

Good luck to our Mississauga Student Residence Family!

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