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How To Find the Perfect Room for You.

There are many things you must consider when looking into a room rental during school. This blog will help you decide what type of room is best for you. We have broken down our categories into “Must-Haves” and “Nice-To-Haves” to help you understand what is critical for a student, and what would just be a nice addition to your room. We want you to keep in mind that Mississauga Student Residence (MSR) offers all of these options for our students, but not all places will. So, if you are unable to get a room with us (or are on the waiting list), this should help you determine what other places are worth the visit.


High-Speed Internet Access

This is more important than your bed. Let’s be real. Even if a place has internet access, there is nothing worse than working on an assignment while your connection is going in and out. Reliable and Fast Internet is our first MUST-HAVE.


Without a doubt you absolutely need a desk in your room. This is something you should not compromise on. Having experienced both living in a space with a desk and one without one, it is now a necessity to have. Typing up that 3000 word essay is a lot easier on your back, shoulders and neck in a comfortable chair, as opposed to sitting up with a mountain of pillows on your bed.

When it comes to other furniture, even if you already have your own pieces of bedroom furniture, it is just a hassle to move in and out. It is much easier to move somewhere that has all the necessities for you. Also the furniture rental fee you pay with Mississauga Student Rentals is nothing in comparison to the thousands you would spend on new furniture. This is why Mississauga Student Rentals ensures your rooms are fully furnished with a bed, desk, side tables and clothing storage.

Laundry Facilities

Nobody has time to bus/walk to a laundromat with all of your dirty clothes and supplies when you are a student. Trust us. Opt for a place like Mississauga Student Rentals with high powered, commercial-grade quality machines.

Operating Kitchen

So the place has a kitchen- that’s great! But does the microwave even work? Will you have to hold the toaster on an angle so it toasts properly? More unnecessary annoyances that will eventually all build up to really upset your experience at the residence. Mississauga Student Rentals responds quickly to tenant concerns/complaints about any aspect of the house, and also performs regular checks to ensure those annoyances are not yours to attend to. So all you have to worry about is that paper which is due tomorrow.

Clean Environment

Numerous academics have indicated that studying works best when you're in a clean and organized environment. That’s why when you look at the study rooms on campus, there is next to nothing on, or around the desk space. This allows for clarity, and fluidity of thought. Don’t let your messy bathroom distract you from your studies. Mississauga Student Rentals provides our tenants with a weekly professional cleaning service of all the common areas. Leaving you with no excuses to procrastinate your studies.

Safe Community

This isn’t something just for your parents peace of mind. You want to feel safe and comfortable every time you leave the house otherwise you will be stuck inside all day! This is not something most students think too much about because they probably are living in a good community now, but for those who have experienced a more high risk society, you know that it defiantly takes its’ toll.

Proximity to Campus

It’s the reason you’re even looking for a space in that area. You want to be close to school. This is one of the more obvious factors to consider, but it is still worth the mention. Always map out potential residences and figure out their bus/drive routes from something like Google Maps. It is difficult to make it to that 9 am class when it takes one hour and forty minutes to get to campus. Mississauga Student Rentals is approximately a 5-10 minute drive from the University of Toronto- Mississauga and a 20-25 minute bus ride.


Private Bathroom

So sharing a bathroom is not the biggest deal ever, and nearly everyone has experienced it at least once in their life. But wouldn’t it be amazing to not have to. To be able to leave your toiletries in the shower and not always feel the need to bring them in every time you want to bathe?! If it is within the budget, ask us about our ensuite bedroom options.

Larger Space

Some of us have a lot of things. I mean a.lot.of.things. And there is nothing wrong with that. But when you’re crammed in a small room with a small closet, all of those things will make the space feel even smaller. Having a larger closet or more floor space will allow you to spread out your items in such a way that it won’t feel cluttered. And going back to our point above about an organized space being the ideal study condition - all this extra space is really going to help with that.


We get that streaming has completely taken over any chance that cable has. But sometimes we have those shows that you just can’t stream, or don’t want to wait for a stream to be available and just want the excitement of watching the premiere. Cable is great for that. It also turns into a conversation spot for you and your roommates. At Mississauga Student Rentals the common room comes ready with a large couch and TV, making it a nice place to meet up with your roommates, watch your favourite shows or hook-up your gaming equipment.

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