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5 Study Tips for Finals

1. Create Your Own Study Guide

Do not, and I repeat, do...not, just go off of the instructor’s review sheet alone. These are merely used as a template to demonstrate the main concepts from the term. Sure, maybe there will be a heavier emphasis on these in the exam, but it will most certainly not be inclusive to everything. So go through your notes (Readings and Lectures) and compile your own guide! TRUST ME.

2. Attend the “Exam Jam”/ Review session

So the ruling is still out on this one as if it is absolutely essential to overall course success. And the truth is, it really just depends on the course/instructor. I have been to review sessions that were an utter waste of time and others that contributed positively to my final results. In order to avoid missing out, just go. It’s not a regular lecture, so if you feel as though you are not getting anything useful out of the session, you can leave. Bonus-there are therapy dogs in the library. Maybe I should have said that first.

3. Start Preparing Early

This is a bold statement coming from the master of procrastination. But trust me you do not want to leave studying to 3-5 days before the exam. There is no possible way to cram 6 weeks of new material in under a week. My suggestion is to start preparing at least a week prior to the exam. It is super helpful if you plan out your days as well, especially if you have finals all around the same time.



9am-12pm ECO100 Sessions 1-4;

12pm-1pm Break for lunch (or nap);

1pm-5pm Meet up with Study group from MGM112

5pm-6pm- Break for Dinner

6pm-9pm **Before bed is when you want to review concepts you need help memorizing. Studies have found that doing this right before bed, and then reviewing the same material as soon as you wake up, will help solidify the ideas in your head.

Studying before bed, that brings me to the next tip.


Everyone thinks that exam time means zero sleep. That is not and should not be the case. You can be the brightest student, who took stellar notes all semester. If you go into the exam exhausted you will not do nearly as well as someone who maintained a more balanced lifestyle. SO SLEEP. Get at least 6-8 hours per night. Also keeping in mind your brain is working overtime during studying so you will find that your body will need more sleep. This will be different for everyone based on course load, if you’re working during school or any other obstacle that may increase your stress levels. So as cheesy as it sounds, listen to your body and do not deprive it!

5. Teach your Classmates

Learning by teaching is a super effective study method that has helped me and my friends a ton! When you are explaining concepts and theories to someone else, you are essentially re-learning it yourself, because by breaking a concept up into smaller more digestible chunks for your friends, you are not only helping them but re-solidifying it in your mind. So take advantage of the fact that you were paying attention all semester, and now everyone wants your help!

Keep posted on our website next week as well, we have 5 more study tips coming your way!

Happy studying and good luck to our MSR family.

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